Let Thunder Come

Greetings, citizens of Midgard. My name is Thor Odinson, and this would be my own personal 'blog'. I am told you mortals consider them vital, so I suppose that means I should do the same.

I have no doubt you'll be nothing short of amazed by what you find here.

My Story.

My Brother.




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  1. Happy New Midgardian Year from Thor and Loki

  3. I’m alive.




    In the barest sense of the term.

    Of course you are. 

     I would offer you help getting adjusted to this realm  but you know it better than I do.

    Don’t worry about me, Thor.  Perhaps you should check on Jane.

  4. OOC: Temporary summary of events

    Sometime tomorrow I will update the master list and delete this linkless, sad little post!

    • -Loki lies about leaving to see the Dark Elves in Svartalfheim, going instead to see Thor and luring him out into a cave in the middle of nowhere. Jealousy ensues as usual. Thor ends up unconscious and frozen in ice for a total of about eight days. 
    • -Loki decides it’s not cool for his bro to have fun while he’s stuck doing work. He shifts instead into Thor’s appearance like a really creepy, really perfect halloween costume. Fun times ahead, right? Wrooong.
    • -Loki drinks with Selvig and is unhappy, because Erik is definitely playing the part of surrogate father to his brother, whereas Loki feels unloved by both Laufey and Odin. Sadface. Again. 
    • -Thor!Loki also pays Jane a visit, and is horrified to discover that she loves his brother, despite the fact that Thor has absolutely no idea. He decides that if Thor isn’t going to accept Jane’s affection, he will, as he has been denied such care and concern over the years. Content at being loved, even if those feelings are intended for Thor and not him, the moment is shattered when Jane says Thor’s name instead of his mid-kiss. Guess what? More sadface.
    • -Thor wakes up and struggles to get his freezing butt back to town.
    • -Angry and bitter, Loki takes one last trip to see Darcy. Instead of playing games with her, he reveals his true form and scares the ever living hell out of her before disappearing and returning to Asgard.
    • -Thor discovers his brother’s hacked into his Tumblr account during his absence and rages. He makes a fussy post about Loki lying to their mother.
    • -Tony Stark ends up meeting with Spiderman…I have a feeling it’s gonna get good. 
    • -Thor also chats briefly with Lady Loki over the internet. Oh dear.
    • -Things go from bad to worse when Thor realizes Loki assumed his form and interacted with Darcy, Jane and Selvig in person. Fearing for their safety, Thor cuts all ties with Asgard and declares himself mortal, hoping it will appease his brother.
    • -It does not.
    • -Loki is angry as ever, particularly after seeing all the love his brother has even so far from home, while he’s stuck alone on the throne with no one tripping over themselves to make him happy. Loki swears that it will only end when one of them is dead. 
    • -Erik has more mythology storytelling! This is a much happier subject.
    • -The Lady Frigga weeps alone in her chambers over what her life has become. Saddest post ever…All the sads.
  6. crisis averted.






    Do not play games, Loki. What does your brother mean?

    The night he claimed to leave for Svartalfheim was the very same one he came to me, professing a desire to talk. He led me to a cave in the middle of the wastes and locked me in ice.

    One full week, Loki. One week trapped there between life and death with no means of escape. If I carry a fever it is one of frost alone, and one my skin still carries from your hand.

    You were WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

    By God, Thor, Loki truly did that?! I cannot believe it…

    But then that would mean that when I drank with you, it was actually…



    I have seen and heard many things in my life but THAT was just low.


    Drank with me…?

    It was him masquerading as you.


    (Source: frostblooded)

  7. OOC problem :c

    As you know, frostblooded’s player and I are roomies and we just had a huge storm here this morning. It killed our power and it’s been out for hours as we’re one of 800 people without power at this time. They are working on it, but it won’t be until a little later that Loki!Thor can get back to his mischief. See you soon everyone!

  8. OOC: Thor: Bloodlines master RP timeline

    This is our personal database for everything related to our current RP! I’ll be updating this as often as I can, so if you need to catch up or re-read things, be sure to check in here every once in a while.

    As always, our OOC post for fellow RPers that need a canon point for our characters can be found here, as well as one that lists our methods

    Setting: Thor/Avengers Marvelverse (AU)

    Arc I: The Fight and Fate


    Arc II: Heights of Shame

    • -Steve uses his free time to revisit a few old memories
    • -Erik tries desperately to moderate the still quarreling Asgardian brothers. They never shut up.
    • -Loki edges into creeper country once more, much to Thor’s dismay.
    • -The situation escalates when Loki demands that Thor come clean about the exact reasons for his exile, and what the consequences could be for both their worlds. 
    • -Erik has Tumblr storytime, where he tells the Norse creation myth
    • -The universe is also definitely not ready for double-fandral.
    • -This just in, Tony Stark still hates this thing
    • -Loki makes an easy-to-read checklist to see if you are annoying him.
    • -Tumblr decides that in honor of Thor’s jaw being wired shut (and therefore unable to chew any solid food) that it will mock him for two days straight with everything and anything delicious ever. Loki, pleased by this, decides to toy with his loyal fans by offering them free hugs. This, of course, backfires for him when he realizes how dedicated they are to redeeming those vouchers. 
    • -A while later, Thor is due to be released from the hospital. What little Asgardian strength that was left to him (you know, the teeny bit that helped him survive being hit by a truck moving at full speed) has also made his wounds mend more quickly than usual. 
    • -Tony tries to soothe Tumblr after the layout change agitates pretty much everyone.
    • -Loki hears of Thor’s imminent release, which coupled with his mother’s desire for grandchildren and a number of images of himself as a slightly bluer person, does much to send him into snark-mode
    • -Lady Frigga drowns her sorrows in booze. The next day leaves her with a hard, hard hangover.
    • -At the same time, Thor is busy doing some heavy, heavy drinking with Erik. 
    • -Steve, worried about the trouble they are getting into, tries to locate them. It doesn’t go well, but eventually he finds them and takes away their internet connection. (And beer. And vodka. And shots.)
    • -Steve also complains to Tony for his lack of help. He does, however, decide to stay in New Mexico to make sure that Thor survives long enough to reclaim his power. It probably wouldn’t work out well for the Avengers if he was killed off by his brother (or anything else) after all, and since he’s busy acting like an idiot frat boy, he needs some looking after.
    • -Loki has had enough. He writes a letter to inform his subjects and family of a situation in Svartalfheim, stating that he’s going to take a little trip over to see the Dark Elves and keep them from buddying up with the Jotuns. 
    • -Thor feels guilty for the peril his home now faces. Erik and Steve both offer their company, and Thor takes a rain check in favor of some solitary star-gazing. Loki shows up unexpectedly, and the brothers vent their frustrations to one another. A short walk and a slightly eerie stop later, Loki backstabs Thor out of— surprise— envy.  

      Loki locks his brother in a cage of solid ice and takes off under the glamor of Thor himself, to try and see what it’s like to be loved for a change.  

      (Temporary link as Livejournal is not cooperating at the moment to make one solid post.) 
    • -Loki returns to town as Thor, meeting up with Selvig for a beer and some friendly banter.


    That is all for now, but I’ll finish cleaning up the links and LJ posts and make a smaller, more concise version as well in case you don’t like skimming through faffery. :3

  9. guik:

Thor - Odin Costume Design by *michaelkutsche

I remember these robes! 


    Thor - Odin Costume Design by *michaelkutsche

    I remember these robes! 





    Cream cheese, ruffled potato chips and potato bread. IT IS HEAVEN.

    And when you eat it it sounds like thunder.

    And people at harris Teeter at two am will think you mighty weird, especially when you went in yesterday and threw buttons all over their floor. (Excuse us…JORDAN.)


    The sandwich of the gods? And it truly sounds like thunder?

    How it pains me to know that I cannot have one…

  11. blindingreverie:

goodbye my brother by ~fallofflow
  12. lolki:


    #… I’ve still always felt alone.

    ;___; Man Loki..fdsgffddg


    Oh by the Nine Realms themselves, he is playing you all for fools…

    (Source: kars)

  13. A small OOC note:

    ((Until Loki and Thor are finished having their little…chat, replies will be temporarily be put on hold! Don’t worry, I’ll be marking all posts that need responding to and will get back to them later. <3

    Thanks for being awesome, guys! ))