Let Thunder Come

Greetings, citizens of Midgard. My name is Thor Odinson, and this would be my own personal 'blog'. I am told you mortals consider them vital, so I suppose that means I should do the same.

I have no doubt you'll be nothing short of amazed by what you find here.

My Story.

My Brother.




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  1. OOC: For all our followers…

    ((Thank you to the 400+ people now following Thor & Loki. I really only made the account to be silly and have a mini-RP place for my best friend and I since our LJ RP is more structured and rigid, and sometimes we like to…you know, have fun on our own terms. We did NOT expect this much of a response, or this much kindness, and you guys are so good to us and our characters. I only hope you get as much joy out of it as we do. Thank you, thank you all so so so so much. <3))

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